Master of None

By Abhirath Batra

Jack of all trades, Master of None.

Jack of all trades, Master of None.

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Master of None



Courage Maketh Man

When I was off to college, my father told me to respect my fears. I think he meant to warn me against doing stupid risky things with buddies if they made me uncomfortable. What I did with that advice was that I used it as a pain reliever every time I took the…


Master of None - Issue #5

What are the first principles of health? Should everyone be fasting and lifting? How about running 10k everyday? What about a really good breakfast? How about 0 carbs?The more time I spend on this problem - and I have spent about 2 years now - I find, myself …


Master of None - Issue #4

Im the most angry when I feel like I’m being misunderstood. I get livid and agitated when I find that what I’m thinking is not being reproduced accurately in the listener’s mind. I pride myself on articulation so when the I cant get someone to understand, I f…


Master of None - Issue #3

The physics metaphor notwithstanding, everyone has a sense of the huge commitment that marriage is. And I get a lot of “how did you really know you wanted to marry her”. There’s a simple answer to this question that pretty much everyone knows! “You just know!…


Master of None: #2

I have found twitter and short opinions quite useful over time. After I get exposed to a person and their point of view, that I find interesting, I tend to follow them on twitter and that has had interesting results. There are often people who's points of vie…


Master of None : #1

I stumbled upon Steve Stewart-Williams on Twitter and picked up his book, the "Ape who understood the universe" this week. Books that use science to present a worldview with which to look at the world hold a special place in my heart! In that sense, it is in …